Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iditarod has taken over!

So the buzz around Alaska right now is the one the only Iditaord sled dog race, the race of endurance, of timing and just plain ol tough people. Right now look as if local boy Aaron Burmeister is in the top 3 and Melissa owens is managing the top 20. Both teams i hope for great finishes i just dont' expect either of them to win the whole thing. This years race is filled with so many good teams where its impossible to predict whose going to win the whole thing. I think you could put your top ten mushers on a dart baord and throw it and who ever it lands on thats whose going to win. But i have finally decided on who i think is going to win. Lance? No i think he has a great chance but two years in a row! Adee hope he doesn't win he has enough trucks and enough whatever he does. Schnuelle? I seriously don't think he could win it with his team, i'll go more in to that later so my pick is Hugh Neff, with all the reports about how he ran in the Quest i think he could do it!!! He had a two hour penalty and still lost by 4 minutes to Schnuelle. So there you have it, my pick!!! Neff is said to be very strong and some how i just get this vibe from saying Neff :) maybe its because i use to mush...ya know its a very close circle :)

Mush On Neff Mush on!!
So life right now for me is quite routine as said in my profile that i work up here at the Mine so i don't leave here till Monday the 16 th. When up here its a routine get up go to work, hang out and go to bed. Nothing much really to do but play call of duty, the internet and talk to loved ones especially one in particular l...the week off is nice but who really wants to spend 2 weeks away from family and friends...theres a give and take on this relationship i call my life and so far its been taking alot as i have so much stuff i want to do but unable to do so due to my responsibilites. Who knows whats in the future for me by the way of my professional side. BTW i work in Hr so i dont have to get dirty any more or fly coach :) sike i still fly coach but rarely get dirty :) For Basketball at the Iditarod this ol man is playing A league this year due to the fact that none of our open team is showing up and that i am not in ball shape. Anyways i look forward to spending time with Shanna and my friends during iditarod as you know there is a lot of activites going on. The wet buns contest and wet t-shirt contest :) Some maybe wondering if i am going to enter the buns contest this year but these buns don't need to get wet and these buns aren't buns there more like loaves of bread :) Plus this day and age i would most likely see my buns on the internet, such as youtube or facebook...i can't have any more stalkers already so i'll be on the down low :) Also the wet t shirt contest, ie see the wet buns theory :) haha i also look forward to the coverage of KNOM!! Listening to the show " On the trail with Laureli" it has to be up for a oscar!! Anyways up at work and there really is nothing else to talk about besides work and me being on the internet ! So Have a great week and go Neff!!!

Me and leslie working hard!!

Shanna's dog Spalding wishes he could mush in the Iditarod!

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